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Featured Rig: Schell Game

Schell Game was commissioned for extended stays off grid in Baja, California. It was built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 chassis and balances everything you need for extended remote trips while maintaining a lightweight design to get you going places.

Featured Rig: Warden

The Warden was built for a couple to travel in style and comfort. The van has a galley featuring TouRig Airliner cabinets, stainless steel sink with gray water tank, IsoTherm fridge, maple butcher block counter-top and 2-burner induction cooktop.

Featured Rig: Storm Trooper

This rig is cool, classy and collected, built for an active family of four. Click to see pictures and features of this custom 2018 Sprinter 170 4×4.

Featured Rig: Chief Hosa

Chief Hosa AKA Chief Little Raven as he was known by the Southern Arapaho Indians of the mid-late 1800’s was built with the west in mind. This rig captures the spirit of western adventure in style and luxury.

Featured Rig: Backbone

Backbone was commissioned to amplify the active lifestyle of the Simmons family from Carbondale, CO. The rig was designed and built to allow an active family of five the ability to travel in comfort while providing a high level of confidence to get to and from remote playgrounds.

Featured Rig: Panther

Commissioned by the Katski family from Annapolis, MD, “Panther” is the ultimate hockey mom caddy, designed to accommodate an active family with kids and gear in tow.

Featured Rig: Franchot

Commissioned by the Langdon family from Boulder, CO, “Franchot” is a designer’s dream. With premium upholstery and environmentally conscience flooring,

Featured Rig: Towns-End

Doug is an avid fly fisherman and spends a lot of time working in mountain territories. He and his wife wanted the van to be a comfortable space to retreat after a long day of work or play. Features an interior shower and more.

Get a Van Conversion Tailored to Your Adventure


Get a Van Conversion Tailored to Your Adventure

Get a Van Conversion Tailored to Your Adventure

TouRig Tested. Customer Approved.

Having a positive experience with the company you work with is just as important as the quality of your van’s build. Here at TouRig, just as much energy goes into the relationship with each customer as goes into each project. Whether you need day work or a full build, you can expect the best in customer service as well as the best work and craftsmanship.


There is a desire to travel in every one of us. This, along with years of experience, forge the path to create the mobile environment of your dreams.


The product team is dedicated to evolutionary change in materials, application and process. This is done to guarantee constant improvement in our van conversions and our retail products.


Proven systems are designed with industry-leading vendor partners. This ensures compliance and relevance in an ever-changing industry.

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We work strategically with third-party vendors to design and develop products for vehicle conversions that meet our standards of functionality and performance.

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