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With a strong focus on quality, precision and customer service, TOURIG is your one stop shop for all your campervan needs. From purchasing a (shell) van, to prebuilt and custom vans, and service and maintenance, we’ve got you covered. 

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How It All Started

The Nation’s Foremost Builder of High Performance Expedition Vehicles

TOURIG actually started in 2001, we just didn’t know it at the time. The concept formed when Eric Miller and his business partner at the time commissioned their first of two adventure vehicles. “Big Red” as she was aptly named, stemmed from the need for a self-contained, over the road vehicle that would serve as a mobile office, hotel room and basecamps of sorts.

As traveling sales agents in the Outdoor Industry, the notion of countless airline flights and unfamiliar hotel rooms wasn’t something of interest to the larger than life characters and their fur laden traveling companions. The concept proved to be so beneficial physically and mentally that a second rig was commissioned. “Black Beauty” appeared on the scene in 2002.

Jump ahead to 2014 and we find an older, and well, more mature Eric. With family and multiple fur laden traveling companions in tow, the desire for a more capable, more modern rig presents itself. With a strong yearning for adventure travel and entrepreneurial spirit in check, the modern day TOURIG was conceptualized. Starting the company and building a brand would require a strong foundation built with the right people. In the summer of 2015 walks in Paul Bulger, a long lost friend of Eric’s who’s lengthy history in a maritime profession would prove price-less in building that strong foundation.

The “Shed in Ned” as it was called was where the first generation TOURIG’s were built. With cold winds piercing the walls, rain and snow finding it’s way through the pock-laden roof and the occasional mouse in the break room, the “Shed in Ned” was home for the first 18 months before moving to a more central location in Golden, CO.


TOURIG Becomes Your One-Stop-Shop for All Your Camper Van Needs

TOURIG quickly gained popularity and despite wanting to be able to work on non-TOURIG vans and helping TOURIG owners with service needs, they just didn’t have the capacity at the time.

In 2022, TOURIG’s Service Facility was created in order to provide service, maintenance and installation work for camper vans. “The Service Department was created from the experiences and knowledge we’ve gained from TOURIG”, says Miller. In the Spring of 2022, the brand new, state-of-the-art building right next to TOURIG opened its doors with a dedicated service facility and dedicated service staff conveniently located right next to the TOURIG production facility in Golden, Colorado.



Our history and foundation says it all; we were founded to encourage the spirit of adventure. Whether you seek adventure in your everyday life or count down the days until your next weekend getaway, our hope is to enhance your journey: from your Monday morning commute to that perfect point break on some desolate beach south of the border.

Core Values

People, Position and Product – Simple words that define “why” we exist. Every decision here is made with the well-being of our employees, expectations of our customers and respect for our partners at the fore-front. Culture is created at the heart of every decision we make. Our products exude a strong work ethic and desire to out-perform. Materials are chosen and processes defined with long-lasting durability and environmental impact in mind.

Whatever You Need, We’ve Got You Covered