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XUV – Xtreme Utility VEHICLE

Modular Design, Versatile Application


Ford Transit XTreme Utility Van (XUV)

Tailored Design and Limitless Options for a Unique Experience

Think of this as an SUV on steroids, room for all your family, friends, toys and more. Transforms from a daily driver with room for up to 6 adults to a weekend adventure rig with bed(s), a removable galley (optional) and storage for bikes, skis, surfboards and more. Available in AWD and 4×4 models making for an easy transition from paved city streets to snow covered mountain roads.


Get a fully built TOURIG XUV

Starting at $89,000 (price based on a $50K Ford Transit 148 mid-roof van)



Seating for 2-8

Sleeping for up to 4 people

Sleeping 0-4


Portable Fridge


Pull test certified floor-seating system

interior LED lights

Interior puck lights

TOURIG Window Covers - Bunker Series 2

TOURIG Window Cover Set

Auxiliary heat & hot water

Auxiliary heat & hot water

solar power

Auxiliary power with solar

high performance suspension

Upgraded suspension

upgraded wheels and tires

Upgraded wheels & tires



What You’ll Love About This Rig


Fixed Features

  • Windows: 2 large vented, 2 bunk vented
  • Upgraded Performance Suspension
  • Upgraded Alloy Wheels and All-Terrain Tires


  • TOURIG Airliner Roof Rack
  • TOURIG Airliner Rear Ladder
  • Dragonfly Tarps Awning
  • Exterior LED Performance Lighting Package
  • Packasport Roof Storage Box (rear opening)
  • Ceramic Window Tint
  • Vinyl Graphics

Interior Features & Options

Fixed Features

  • Auxiliary Gas-Powered Furnace
  • Auxiliary Battery System + Solar Package
  • Interior LED Lighting Package
  • Modular Bed System (upper and/or lower)
  • Roof Vent with Fan
  • Window Cover Set and Storage Bags
  • Beverage Holders (2 per bed)


  • SmartFloor System (pull test certified floor/seat system for rear seats)
  • Rear Captain’s Chairs (removeable, pull test certified)
  • Modular Galley Cabinet with Sink, Water and Fridge
  • Additional Bed Platform + Additional Storage Bags
  • Premium Audio Upgrade
  • Reupholstered Front Seats

Interior Upgrades

IsoTherm 85L fridge and 65L freezer
TOURIG full stainless shower with portable toilet
Scheel-Mann Seats
Custom Settee with upholstery to match the Scheel-Mann seats
Diesel Cooktop and Stainless Sink
Cell Booster
sPod 4×4
Marine DC fans
LumiCoin Lighting



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