We caught up with TOURIG badassador Deaun Schovajsa of Arvada, Colorado to see what adventures he’s taken his van on.


What kind of adventures do you take your TOURIG on?

We use our TOURIG for rock climbing adventures all over North America.  Our off-road rig allows us to get close to hard to reach areas and often we can stay for days right there and approach the crags with a short hike.

We also use our TOURIG to visit family and friends all over the US.  We can visit and stay in our van, making the visits less intrusive on our hosts.


Deaun and friends camping and climbing near Shelf Road in Colorado.

Have you always been interested in off-roading and camping?

My wife Renee and I both grew up camping as kids. We love being outdoors and have raised our kids with the same passion.  During our careers, we both worked 50+ hour weeks and still managed to camp more than 30 nights a year with our young family.


What made you choose TOURIG for your van buildout?

We chose TOURIG as our van builder for three primary reasons.  First, Eric Miller (Co CEO of TOURIG), has been a fellow climbing and camping friend of mine for over 20 years.  I saw Eric’s original van build and loved the idea of a single vehicle that could be customized to contain each owner’s preferences for comforts and systems.

Second, when we met with the TOURIG team and walked through some of the vans they were building, we recognized the superiority of the power and water systems that they had designed.  Running simple, powerful systems that allowed long blocks of time off-grid was one of my top priorities in finding a vehicle. I looked at several other companies extensively before we visited and ultimately went with TOURIG.

Finally, we liked that TOURIG works hard to manufacture high quality vans that in a way that is environmentally friendly.  The workmanship is amazing and they strive to do it with an ever smaller footprint.

What is the best place you’ve ever parked TOURIG and why?

This one is easy. The best place we spent time in the van was on the property where our daughter and (now) son-in-law were married this past summer (during the Covid pandemic).  The wedding was kind of a 3 day event and we camped, shared meals with the kids, showered and dressed formally for the wedding and the party that followed. It was an event we might have missed if we hadn’t had a place to stay and socially distance as needed.

Deaun shows us how easy it is to set up camp anywhere with the whole family. 


What is the best feature of your TOURIG?

It is hard to name a single best feature…but, I would have to say that the electrical system is probably my favorite.  Our system has a large solar panel, 2 big batteries and a powerful inverter. The system runs all of our lights, induction cooktop and the large marine grade fridge/freezer that we have and it does so for days and days.  I never worry about running short on electrical power in this rig.


Where can people follow your adventures?

We don’t do any social media or have an online presence. You’ll have to come over and say hi when you see us camping at our favorite climbing areas.


Any advice for people out there considering getting a TOURIG?

If you are considering a TOURIG (or another van builder), look at the quality of the product, the innovation, and the passion of the brand. TOURIG is a premiere van builder and it shows in everything that they do.

Enjoying a nice meal after a day of climbing with their TOURIG Sprinter van, Renegade.