No matter what you use your van for, you’re in it to take adventures or traveling on the road for days if not weeks or months at a time. We all know that showering is one of the daily essentials that people think must be hard to live without in #vanlife. Opting for a full shower in your rig does make it easier, but we’ve got good news- it’s not the only way to ensure you get your daily shower! We’ve put together a list of some of our tried and true favorite options to share with you for showering in vanlife. All of these are affordable, convenient and easy options for showering in and outside your van no matter where you are.


The RoadShower is a Patented Design pressurized solar shower by Yakima that you can take with you on the go. The long, black tube mounts to the top of (most) roof racks with lock loops and mounting hardware (included) that attach the tank to your roof rack. Open the tank cap to easily fill it with water, pressurize manually with a hand pump or with an electric pump and use one of the garden hoses to shower off the side of your van. Or if you’d prefer, you can purchase their Shower Head Attachment and shower with a genuine shower head. The RoadShower comes in 3 sizes (4, 7, and 10 gallon tanks) so you can take as long of a shower as you’d need.



Yakima RoadShower (size Medium)


The TOURIG Bunker Basin is a compact, stowable shower solution that can be used in your van or outdoors. The shower can be mounted to the ceiling inside your van or hung from a tree or another structure anywhere outdoors. Use the shower nozzle from your van (or paired with options #3 and #4 below). The shower curtain adds privacy to outdoor showers, making it easy to set up anywhere. The curtain is made of a quick dry fabric that easily stowes when not in use.


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TOURIG Bunker Basin portable shower



Nemo’s pressurized shower has a 2.9 gallon reserve + hose with a foot pump. The tank sits on the ground and unlike other showers that need to be hung over your head, this one can sit anywhere on the ground and provide 5-7 minutes of hot, pressurized water with just a few manual foot pumps. Another nice feature is that the tank can be refilled anywhere without needing a hose.


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Nemo Helio Shower


The Geyser is a little more sophisticated and has a built in heater which will warm your water- without needing to pre-heat or rely on solar for hot water. Powered by a 12V outlet or a deep cycle battery, the pump technology boasts up to 15 minutes of shower time with a consistent flow of water that you can control with a valve. Two another nice features are the water level sensor, which let’s you know when you’re getting to the end of your water supply, and a LED dashboard on the top that indicates the water temperature. Send us an email if you are interested in a Geyser for your rig.

Geyser Systems Portable Shower


For those not wanting to give up their counter space we build a half shower where the counter top flips up and a curtain lifts to give a stand up shower experience.


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TOURIG half shower in a custom TOURIG Sprinter van


The absolute luxury experience and perfect for full time van lifers a stainless steel standing shower with water built into the TOURIG system heated by hydronic diesel heater. This makes your van a home and daily showers always easy.


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TOURIG full shower in a custom TOURIG Sprinter van