Systems Engineering


Electrical, Water, Heating & Cooling

The systems are the lifeblood of your rig. We engineer quality, high output systems built on three founding principles: ease of use, latest technology, and future expansion.

Our top-notch Systems Engineers understand the importance of proper design and testing of the systems that you rely on everyday. Tell us about the types of adventures you seek and we’ll calculate the watts, volts and amps you’ll need to get the most out of your rig.

This is the heartbeat of every TouRig.

Options Include

Lithium Battery System

System Monitoring Options

Solar Panels

Diesel Furnace

Hot Water

Fresh Water

Premium Sound System

Power Inverter

Air Conditioning

Explore Common System Options

See our most popular electrical, heating, cooling and plumbing systems.



ADVANCED LITHIUM BATTERY SYSTEMS help you stay off-grid longer.

SYSTEM MONITORING OPTIONS give you insight to the health of your rig’s electrical system.

SOLAR PANELS can provide limitless, no-cost, low-maintenance energy to charge your batteries on the go.

ALTERNATOR-BASED CHARGING keeps your battery topped off while on the go.



On-board FRESH WATER SYSTEMS make it easy to keep your hands and dishes clean with running water.

Stay fresh and clean with INTERIOR & EXTERIOR SHOWERS.

Never wait for hot water again with an on-demand HOT WATER SYSTEM.


Heating and Cooling

12-Volt AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS keep you cool while maintaining efficient use of power.

Diesel-powered HEATING AND HOT WATER SYSTEMS keep your fuel choices simple by leveraging the same fuel source as your rig.

VENTILATION FANS keep the breeze flowing while you sleep.


Tour Our Latest Builds

Featured Rig: Chief Hosa

Chief Hosa AKA Chief Little Raven as he was known by the Southern Arapaho Indians of the mid-late 1800’s was built with the west in mind. This rig captures the spirit of western adventure in style and luxury.

Featured Rig: Backbone

Backbone was commissioned to amplify the active lifestyle of the Simmons family from Carbondale, CO. The rig was designed and built to allow an active family of five the ability to travel in comfort while providing a high level of confidence to get to and from remote playgrounds.

Featured Rig: Panther

Commissioned by the Katski family from Annapolis, MD, “Panther” is the ultimate hockey mom caddy, designed to accommodate an active family with kids and gear in tow.

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