Silwy No Spill Magnetic Mat (Grey)


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Silwy No Spill Magnetic Mat (Grey) Description

The Silwy No Spill Magnetic Mat (Grey) prevents falling, slipping, and rattling drinkware in your rig. The magnetic mat is used to store and place any Silwy magnetic cups or containers. The force between the magnets in the glass and the magnet on the Magnetic Mat is such that even a full glass can be easily picked up without spilling its contents. These specially developed mats stick to almost any surface via the sticky gel bottom. And even more, the mat can be moved around on different surfaces without losing their adhesive properties and without leaving behind any sticky residue. Easily store a set of magnetic cups such as the Silwy Long Drink Glasses, Whiskey Glass Set, or the Cup and Coaster. (Magnetic glasses sold separately).


  • Nano gel pad on the underside of the mat sticks to almost any surface
  • Adhesion stays over time, and can be cleaned with water to renew sticky properties
  • Sticks to surfaces again and again
  • Doesn’t leave any sticky residue

16 x 11 in