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Airliner 170 Roof Rack for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter


The Airliner 170 Roof Rack for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter fits Sprinter years 2007+. This roof rack includes a built-in faring and is the best in its class - with a sleek, low profile design that’s aerodynamic, lightweight and durable. Use this rack to store all sorts of extra gear while saving space for family and friends in your vehicle, or additional gear on longer trips. There are two levels of mounted crossbars, which allows you to easily fit solar panels on the lower slots and a rooftop box on the upper slot.  Made of a light, powder coated aluminum that’s easy to ship in a small box and easy to assemble. Stainless hardware for assembly included. Designed to work great with the TOURIG Rear Door Ladder for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.  (link to product)


  • Fits Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 170 2007+
  • Built-in faring
  • Best in its class - aerodynamic, lightweight, durable
  • Sleek, low profile design
  • Great for storing extra gear
  • 2 levels of mounted crossbars - easily fit solar panels and a rooftop box
  • Light, powder coated aluminum
  • Ships in a small box
  • Easy to assemble
    Includes stainless hardware for assembly