Tourig SCA Pop Top Insulator: Elevating Your Pop-Up Camper to Four-Season Comfort

Tourig SCA Pop Top Insulator: Elevating Your Pop-Up Camper to Four-Season Comfort

Tourig SCA Pop Top Insulator: Elevating Your Pop-Up Camper to Four-Season Comfort

Tourig pop top insulator blanket interior

Embarking on outdoor adventures with a pop-up camper brings a unique, charm to camping, but the challenge of staying comfortable in all seasons has often limited the experience. Enter the Tourig Pop Top Insulator Blanket – an innovative insulation product that revolutionizes pop-Top camper camping, making it a year-round affair.

The Tourig Pop Top Insulator is engineered with precision and designed with the pop-up camper’s comfort in mind. It is a custom-fitted insulation solution specifically tailored for SCA 252 pop-Top campers, providing a snug fit that maximizes efficiency and minimizes heat loss. Crafted from high-quality materials, this insulator blanket creates a thermal barrier that keeps the interior warm in winter and cool in summer.

Key Features

  • Custom Fit Design: The Tourig Pop Top Insulator Blanket is designed to fit the unique shape and size of SCA 252 pop-Top campers perfectly. This ensures that every nook and cranny is covered, preventing drafts and maintaining a consistent temperature inside.
  • Insulation: Made with 3m TM SM200L Acoustic insulation.  Creates a quieter sleeping environment.  Hydrophobic fibers resist moisture, mold and mildew.
  • Easy Installation: Setting up the Tourig Pop Top Insulator Blanket is a breeze. The custom fit and user-friendly design mean you can have your pop-up camper ready for any season in a matter of minutes. No need for complex installations or tools – just unfold, secure, and enjoy. No fasteners required.
  • Versatility: Whether you’re camping in the snow-covered mountains or under the scorching summer sun, this insulator blanket adapts to the season. Its versatile design ensures that you stay comfortable regardless of the outdoor temperature.
Tourig pop top insulator blanket interior

Benefits of Four-Season Camping

  • Extended Camping Season: With the Tourig Pop Top Insulator Blanket, the camping season no longer ends with the arrival of winter. Enjoy the beauty of nature year-round without compromising on comfort.
  • Energy Efficiency: By maintaining a consistent interior temperature, the insulator blanket reduces the strain on your camper’s heating and cooling systems. This not only enhances energy efficiency but also prolongs the life of your equipment.
  • Cost Savings: Avoid the expenses associated with seasonal camping gear. The Tourig Pop Top Insulator Blanket is a cost-effective solution that transforms your pop-up camper into a versatile, all-season retreat.
Tourig pop top insulator blanket interior

The Tourig Pop Top Insulator Blanket is without a doubt a game-changer for pop-up camper enthusiasts, offering a seamless transition from fair-weather camping to year-round adventures. Embrace the freedom to explore nature in any season, secure in the knowledge that your camper is equipped with cutting-edge insulation technology.

Embrace year-round adventures with the Tourig Pop Top Insulator Blanket – your key to four-season comfort. Say goodbye to seasonal limitations and hello to endless possibilities.

Contact us with the button below to get started on your made to order Pop Top Insulator Blanket and embark on the ultimate camping journey!

Big Head Todd and the Monsters Interview: the Colorado based band and their new TOURIG Sprinter van

Big Head Todd and the Monsters Interview: the Colorado based band and their new TOURIG Sprinter van

Big Head Todd and the Monsters Interview: the Colorado based band and their new TOURIG Sprinter van

We recently finished a fully custom Sprinter van conversion for Big Head Todd and the Monsters. For those of you who aren’t familiar, BHTM is a Colorado based rock band that’s been going strong writing songs, producing records, and touring since the mid 1980’s. The band features Rob Squires on bass, Todd Mohr on guitar and vocals, Jeremy Lawton on keyboard and Brian Nevin on drums. 

After we finished their TOURIG van conversion, we sat down with Squires to learn more about the band, life on the road (past and present), their new rig, and where you can find them touring in their new van. 

Big Head Todd and the Monsters new Sprinter van built by TOURIG

Big Head Todd and the Monsters’ new touring van, built by TOURIG

You’ve been around performing and recording music for a while now and have made it pretty big. Tell me a little more about how the band got started? 

We were friends in high school and had a high school band but after high school we broke up and went our separate ways and then in ‘86 we were all up at CU and that’s when we started this band. We got acquainted again and this is now our 35th year. Pretty crazy!…

Do you remember the first show in Boulder you played together? 

We started just kinda playing house parties. Probably the first one was a party in our basement that we threw. We played in a lot of people’s basements and living rooms and then kinda worked our way into fraternity houses and frat parties and I think our first real gig at a bar was at JJ McCabe’s in Boulder and we just kept playing ever since. 

Did you know right away that you wanted to play professionally?

We were playing because we liked to play music together and fortunately people like music and so they were like “Hey, you got a band? Come over and play at our house!” We started playing because it was something fun to do- it wasn’t “hey let’s make a career and do this professionally”. 

How many albums have you now released? 

I lose track, but I think we’ve put out 11 studio records and a bunch of live records as well. 

Big Head Todd and the Monsters original tour van

BHTM on tour

When did you start going on tour? 

We played around Boulder the first year or year in a half. Our first road trip was around ‘87 or ‘88 and just bought an old ‘77 Plymouth van that was all beat up and that was our first touring vehicle.

We basically ran it into the ground. We rebuilt the motor once and finally (it) quit, and ironically our sound man had an identical van to that one so we started using his until we ran it into the ground.

Late ‘80’s, early 90’s we got a Ford van and ran that into the ground, too. So we went through three vans in about six years in those early days before we signed a record deal and started touring in a tour bus. 

I read that you guys clocked about 400,000 miles on tour, right? 

Yea, we went through a lot of miles, for sure!

Big Head Todd and the Monsters original tour van

Colonel Mustard, Big Head Todd and the Monsters original touring van

Which van was dubbed ‘The Colonel’?

The Colonel was the very first one. It was a mustard yellow color, so we called it ‘Colonel Mustard’.

Would you sleep in your van?

Well, in the early days you’d sleep wherever you can! We would crash on peoples floors, on couches, sometimes in the van…in the early days you’re on a low budget and pretty much just do what you need to to be able to get out and play music. It wasn’t glamorous, that’s for sure!

BHTM van life on tour in 1987

Looking back on the early days of touring and road trips

Do you guys have a tour coming up soon? 

We’re pretty much always on tour…you know this last year was very odd (obviously with COVID) so we haven’t really played. I think we only did one show last year after our winter tour but we basically haven’t played much in the last year. We’re hoping that as soon as they let people gather again we’ll be able to get back out there. We pretty much tour every winter and then do a bunch of dates in the summer as well.

Are your tours mostly around the Rockies or national?

We mainly tour all over the US.

It’s pretty exciting that you have a new TOURIG to take on your next tour. How did you hear about TOURIG? 

With the COVID shutdown we needed to cut our overhead a bit and we’ve spent so much money renting tour buses over the years we just assessed our business plan and that’s one of the major expenses of touring- transportation.

I have a niece, and her fiance built a custom van and it came out super nice and that got me thinking maybe we should scale back and buy a van and have it built how we want it so we’re ready to get back on the road and start touring as soon as COVID restrictions are lifted.

So the idea came from my niece and I just started doing a bunch of research as far as what sort of vehicle would best suit our needs and I ended up going with the Mercedes 3500 dually mainly because it has the most towing capacity. And then from there the dealer actually recommended several different buildout companies including TOURIG so I talked to a few of them and felt like the best fit was TOURIG.

The process was really great. Obviously they [TOURIG] meet with you and go through what your needs are and we basically customized it from the ground up based on what functions we needed out of it. It was a really cool process.

Unfortunately they do such great work that they’re super busy (laughs) so it took us quite a while to get it in and get it worked on. But that actually wasn’t so much of a problem for us because of being shut down because of COVID, so we didn’t really have touring to do anyway.

They did a fantastic job. I can’t imagine it having come out any better. So we’re really excited about it and looking forward to getting out and using it!

Front interior view of BHTM's van
Rear view of BHTM's Sprinter van buildout
BHTM Sleeping Quarters
BHTM van bunk region

Buildout photos of the band’s new tourig rig, customized by TOURIG

So tell me a little bit about your TOURIG setup and how you decided on the layout you went with?

We designed it after we’d been traveling around in a tour bus for 30 years and [we] did about six years in a van before that.

Ours was designed basically as a small tour bus; we built a bunk region which is similar to what you have in a Privo bus- and a microwave, and a refrigerator, shore power. Basically it’ll provide us the same thing as a tour bus does – just on a smaller scale.

The nice thing for us is we scaled back crew wise and obviously nobody needs a CDL (commercial driver’s license) to drive a van. As opposed to if you buy a bus, then you’ve got to find someone who can drive a vehicle that big.

In the early days it was kinda fun because we’d drive during the daytime and you’d get to see a lot of the country and it felt more like a road trip whereas the last thirty years in a bus we usually drive at night and were sleeping as somebody else was driving. There are advantages to that as well, but you don’t get to see the country and you don’t really get the sense of being on the road as much.

I think we all had a bit of nostalgia for those early days from that perspective. So we’re kind of looking forward to having it feel a little more like a road trip versus a business trip.

I was going to ask you one of the things you’re most excited about the new rig, but it sounds like you might have just answered it- talking about the fun of road tripping back in the day. Is there anything else you’re excited about? 

Well, there’s that but there’s also having it be our own! Having it be our own space is huge whereas in a tour bus it’s kinda like being in a hotel room- there are different people in it all the time, you’re not sure how clean it is…When you have your own it feels good because it’s yours- it feels like your own home. That has a good psychological element to it. 

Do you think you’ll take the van out on other road trips or strictly as your touring rig? 

We’ll use it primarily for being on tour but I can see people taking it on a camping trip here and there as well. You can be off the grid and plug into shore power so once again, it just gives you so much flexibility. I think it’s gunna be a really comfortable vehicle to travel in so it would definitely cover that aspect of going camping as well. 

Would you recommend TOURIG to others? 

Absolutely. Like I said they were totally professional and their finishing details on the inside…it’s perfect. Everybody was super nice to work with and professional. I’d give them five stars for sure!

If people want to learn more about Big Head Todd and the Monsters and where they can find you guys on tour, where should they go? is our website and it has all our information and links to social media pages. 



We caught up with TOURIG badassador Deaun Schovajsa of Arvada, Colorado to see what adventures he’s taken his van on.


What kind of adventures do you take your TOURIG on?

We use our TOURIG for rock climbing adventures all over North America.  Our off-road rig allows us to get close to hard to reach areas and often we can stay for days right there and approach the crags with a short hike.

We also use our TOURIG to visit family and friends all over the US.  We can visit and stay in our van, making the visits less intrusive on our hosts.


Deaun and friends camping and climbing near Shelf Road in Colorado.

Have you always been interested in off-roading and camping?

My wife Renee and I both grew up camping as kids. We love being outdoors and have raised our kids with the same passion.  During our careers, we both worked 50+ hour weeks and still managed to camp more than 30 nights a year with our young family.


What made you choose TOURIG for your van buildout?

We chose TOURIG as our van builder for three primary reasons.  First, Eric Miller (Co CEO of TOURIG), has been a fellow climbing and camping friend of mine for over 20 years.  I saw Eric’s original van build and loved the idea of a single vehicle that could be customized to contain each owner’s preferences for comforts and systems.

Second, when we met with the TOURIG team and walked through some of the vans they were building, we recognized the superiority of the power and water systems that they had designed.  Running simple, powerful systems that allowed long blocks of time off-grid was one of my top priorities in finding a vehicle. I looked at several other companies extensively before we visited and ultimately went with TOURIG.

Finally, we liked that TOURIG works hard to manufacture high quality vans that in a way that is environmentally friendly.  The workmanship is amazing and they strive to do it with an ever smaller footprint.

What is the best place you’ve ever parked TOURIG and why?

This one is easy. The best place we spent time in the van was on the property where our daughter and (now) son-in-law were married this past summer (during the Covid pandemic).  The wedding was kind of a 3 day event and we camped, shared meals with the kids, showered and dressed formally for the wedding and the party that followed. It was an event we might have missed if we hadn’t had a place to stay and socially distance as needed.

Deaun shows us how easy it is to set up camp anywhere with the whole family. 


What is the best feature of your TOURIG?

It is hard to name a single best feature…but, I would have to say that the electrical system is probably my favorite.  Our system has a large solar panel, 2 big batteries and a powerful inverter. The system runs all of our lights, induction cooktop and the large marine grade fridge/freezer that we have and it does so for days and days.  I never worry about running short on electrical power in this rig.


Where can people follow your adventures?

We don’t do any social media or have an online presence. You’ll have to come over and say hi when you see us camping at our favorite climbing areas.


Any advice for people out there considering getting a TOURIG?

If you are considering a TOURIG (or another van builder), look at the quality of the product, the innovation, and the passion of the brand. TOURIG is a premiere van builder and it shows in everything that they do.

Enjoying a nice meal after a day of climbing with their TOURIG Sprinter van, Renegade.




We caught up with TOURIG owner, Suzy Yoder to see what life is like owning a TOURIG. Learn about some of she and her husband, Jeff’s, favorite spots to take their custom Sprinter van, why they chose to build their van with TOURIG, and more.


When did you get your TOURIG?

March 5, 2020. After at least a year of serious planning, we picked up our van in Golden, right as the reality of COVID was setting in.


What made you choose TOURIG for your van buildout?

We decided to have our custom Sprinter build done by TOURIG after we made a trip to Overland Expo in Flagstaff, AZ in 2018. Jeff had been doing lots of online research and also wanted to see vans from different builders up close. Overland Expo gave us the perfect opportunity to check out many different builders and builds. We kept coming back to the TOURIG vans and the TOURIG team and just knew it was the right fit for us. We loved the clean design: minimalist appearance but maximum performance. The buildouts fit our aesthetic with the clean cabinets and quality framing and upholstery. All of the systems are organized with subtle, functional details that make a big difference.

After Overland, we put down a deposit to reserve a TOURIG build date and then we began the crazy search for a Sprinter van. Mercedes rolled out an updated Sprinter platform for 2019 and we wanted to wait for the new vans to be released. We also wanted a four wheel drive diesel and so we ended up waiting a LONG time to actually acquire a van – but it was worth getting what we wanted and having the 2019 upgrades in the Sprinter platform.

Cooking up dinner outside our van

What adventures do you use your TOURIG for?

What don’t we use it for?? Since COVID, it has been our social isolation escape module. We have camped on private property owned by friends, spent weekends camping locally with family, got away for a birthday trip to the beach and when the national parks opened up, we resumed camping in the parks and surrounding national forest and BLM lands. Over the next few months we have campground reservations up and down the California coast and we are looking forward to some fun surf days ahead! We intend to take even longer trips when Jeff retires in January!

What is the best place you have ever parked and why?

We have four favorites (so far)!

1) Defying Death in Death Valley (one photo… zoom in you can see the rig with the awning out. Jeff took the photo from the top of the road while he was on his mountain bike)… Our first real van trip we had camping reservations in Death Valley. The campgrounds closed due to COVID but I was determined to see the famous “racetrack”. Google Maps would intermittently route the navigation through the saline valley side of Death Valley and on a 4×4 road to take us a back way to the racetrack. We headed this way and experienced a washboard road that was annoying but flat across the saline valley – and then we hit the drama. After the valley, the road takes a very sharp ascent. I am afraid of heights and was white knuckling it even at the lowest portion of this road. We passed a nice flat turnout and Jeff made some comment about how it would be a sweet camping spot as we drove right on past aiming to make it to the race track. About a half a mile from the turnout, our brand new van was wedged on a road that it had no business being on – there was significant washout on the right side of the already barely one lane steep rocky road and I had visions of tumbling our precious new Sprinter van over the cliff and that being the end. Thankfully, Jeff drives fire engines for a living and is not deathly afraid of heights. He calmly backed the rig down the hill and into the previously noted flat spot – where we camped for the night. I set up a chair and had a drink while reading a book and let my heartrate decrease. Jeff jumped on a mountain bike and biked the crazy, not appropriate for a Sprinter, (maybe only appropriate for motorcycles?), road up to the top and took pictures of the racetrack for me. This was one of my favorite camp spots because of the adventure attached. – and it was a beautiful perch over which we watched the valley for the night!

Camping in Death Valley, CA

2) Hiding out on friends Jake’s – We had access to a slice of paradise up near Lassen National Park. Jeff’s friend invited us to use their property for a getaway. We spent four nights camped next to a beautiful creek. It snowed, it was sunny and gorgeous, we experienced the entire spectrum of weater and remained comfortable and quite blissful in our perfect camp spot.

Camping next to the river near Lassen, CA

More beautiful views near Lassen

3) Close to home on West Camino Cielo – One of our favorite finds so far has been a camping spot close to home. We spent a glorious weekend with one of the girls and her boyfriend camping above Santa Barbara on Camino Cielo. There are many turnouts on this national forest land and we had a gorgeous view of the Channel Islands. It was a great boondocking spot, big enough for our rig, and Kinsley’s Tacoma. We will definitely be back and hope to share spots like these with more friends when COVID allows.

4) Some hot springs we came across in  Mammoth. Seriously, what a great parking spot!!!!

Hot springs in Mammoth, CA

What is the best feature of your TOURIG?

That’s a hard one to answer – Jeff says it’s the TOURIG Airliner Cabinets. They have a simple aesthetic and are very functional, roomy and lightweight so the van isn’t bogged down by the build. I say that Jeff’s favorite feature is actually the garage – we have a 170 wheelbase so the garage space under our bed is huge!!! We can easily store bikes, surfboards, and all of our camping essentials, and even our extras with room to spare. I personally love the bed (super comfy) and the refrigerator (amazing capacity)!

Images left to right: 1) Sprinter 170″ garage 2) TOURIG Airliner Cabinets 3) Suzy enjoys the custom mattress in their Sprinter van

Where can people follow your adventure?

Instagram @youngatheartproject

Any advice for people out there considering getting a TOURIG?

We went through a few iterations of our van layout before we settled on the build we have now. Our biggest piece of advice is to NOT think of your van as a tiny home. When you are designing your van think of essential functions and don’t worry about cramming every possible thing into the small platform.  We knew we wanted space inside the van. Jeff is tall and we wanted to be able to cook, change clothes and move around without falling all over each other or being trapped between cabinets. We wanted to be able to open our slider and extend our living space into the outdoors. In the end, we settled on a very open layout that we absolutely love. We have plenty of room to lounge in the van and we don’t feel like we are missing anything. We do not have a bathroom in the van but a cassette toilet and a shower off the back which meets our needs perfectly. We have plenty of storage and have found ways to pack and shop for provisions efficiently. It is helpful to look at lots of vans and layouts and really envision functioning in the space.



We caught up with Scott Coe to see what life is like owning a TOURIG. Scott lives in Boulder, CO and takes his TOURIG on some adventures that would make anyone envious.

Why did you want a TOURIG?

To us, the van was the ultimate adventure enabler: half cabin and half toy box. We’ve always been more about the road ahead than the stationary aspects of a weekend retreat we were beholden to.

Taking a look at Scott’s Instagram, @ScottByBike, we can see why he needed a toy box. Riding bikes, rock climbing and fishing are just some of the usual activities on the list for the family and their dog, @chunkamoose. The TOURIG team took this active lifestyle into account when designing the buildout with Scott, making sure he and the family would have everything they needed to get out and enjoy.

Vans run in the family. Scott camped with his Dad near the Great Sand Dunes, CO.

What made you choose TOURIG for your van buildout?

Their perspective on performance, practicality and solution-focused design. Building out vans that met a lifestyle goal rather than just blinging a chassis up like an old-school RV. Everything has purpose. And the team brought a hell of a lot of passion and skill to the process.

What do you use your TOURIG for?

It is our magic carpet. Our shove to go out and explore something. Practically speaking, it is for weekend escapes and longer-term adventures as our time frees up. But because it has become a talisman for the road less traveled, we find ourselves in it sharing a glass of wine in the driveway on a Wednesday evening or driving up the hill to lay on the roof and watch a meteor shower.

Scott and Moose out fishing
Canyon riding with friends
views from Gunnison National Park, CO

What is the best place you’ve ever parked TOURIG and why?

That’s a tough one. There is a little side road outside of Yellowstone we’ve been to a few times, tucked in behind a resort where you wouldn’t know to look, that ends near a quiet creek in an idyllic valley where you feel like you are truly at the end of the road. But we’ve had some pretty great adventures poaching a church parking lot a mile from the ski lifts on a snowy night to get first chair.

Fresh snow in Yellowstone, WY

What is the best feature of your TOURIG?

As low tech as it sounds, the garage. All the systems, racks, gadgets and such are great. But the design that allows a super comfy sleeping platform, with an adaptable space to accommodate our fleet of road, gravel man bikes, or the occasional SUP or board, or in a pinch, a bed for a friend, is awesome.

Where can people follow your adventures?

@ScottByBike is my main Insta site when we’re out.  And a big 2020 resolution is to post more of the adventure.

Any advice for people out there considering getting a TOURIG?

Dream big at first. Imagine all the stuff you could do. And then reel it in and think about how you can evolve your van with your lifestyle. In the end, you’ll find it’s the other way around. You evolve your lifestyle with your van…

Great insight from Scott! If you’re thinking about a TOURIG and looking to ask more questions to TOURIG owners we have a Facebook group for that. Please join the conversation at



When did you pick up your completed TOURIG?

I picked up my completed build in Feb. 2019.

What made you choose TOURIG for your van buildout?

I chose TOURIG because they had a positive reputation, they were close to home and were providing the quality and craftsmanship I was looking for.

Enjoying van life.

What do you use your TOURIG for?

We use our TOURIG for all our outdoors adventures! We use it for camping, shredding the slopes, road trips, overlanding, exploring, mountain biking and even for cold weather trips around town when playing Pokemon Go.

What’s the best place you’ve ever parked TOURIG and why?

The best places are ones when it feels like we are all alone. We have a few spots in Questa and Taos, New Mexico. Lately we have been exploring Nevada, Arizona, and Utah as well.

Great views of the desert sunset one summer evening.

What’s the best feature of your TOURIG?

What is the best feature? Hmmmm… We love our van so picking one feature is tough. I love how roomy the garage is; how convenient the entire layout makes travel; how the sub makes DMX sound; how tough it looks; how it performs in all weather conditions; how streamlined the cabinets make the interior look. I can rave all day about my van!

Where can people follow your adventures?

You can follow me on Instagram @wherewewanderthewasteland and @mr_teargas.

Custom graphics on our rear door.

Any advice for people out there considering getting a TOURIG?

TOURIG is busy for a reason; they are great at what they do. So if you are considering a build, do some research, have some thought on what you are looking for. What’s your budget? Can you tell the difference between your needs versus wants? Eric and Paul can plan the whole build if that’s what you want. However, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas. Stay in contact during your build and be reasonable with time and expectations.