TouRig Weekenders Rally Series

San Diego, CA

New for 2020 we will be hosting a series of 9 events lead by @werollwithit all across America dubbed the TouRig Weekender’s Rally Series. Think old school car rally but with a vanlife twist. Mornings start with a coffee show n’ shine and are followed with a coffee and cruise and then camping. We welcome guests to come to any part of the series, or all of it. 

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Fiesta Island Road

San Diego, CA




Coffee Show n’ Shine

Join us in San Diego where we will meet at 8am on Fiesta Island for morning coffee and a show ‘n shine. This is a chance to see the show TouRig, meet fellow van owners, check out their rigs and make some friends. It’s also a chance for folks who don’t already have a van to see what they’ll be getting themselves into one day soon.


Please arrive to Fiesta Island with a full tank of gas and anything you need for the pot luck lunch. 

At 10am, after everyone arrives, we will set out on a group cruise to a secret location. This will be a 90 minute drive which will include dirt roads but will be easy for our two wheel drive friends. Our secret destination will be dispersed primitive camping area. There are no amenities so come prepared. You will need a California Adventure Pass for this location. Make sure you get this pass ahead of time, they are available here.

When we arrive at the secret location where we’ll be camping that night we will hold a pot luck lunch. We suggest bringing a dish that can feed about 4-8 people. Share a bite and some stories with your fellow vanners!


We welcome guests to come to any part of the event, just the coffee show ‘n shine, the cruise, or all three: coffee, cruise and camp. Please help us to prepare for you by registering ahead of time and understand that camping spaces are limited so register early if you intend to camp.
As most van events are, always remember the pack-it-in pack-it-out mentality and make a concerted effort to leave no trace while we’re out there. We welcome you to bring your favorite coffee cup and dinner wear as well!


Register Now

Please register in advance for all parts of the event that you would like to attend.

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I don't have a van. Can I still come?

Yes, please join us! The Show n’ Shine is for everyone, van owners and non-van owners alike!

I want to do the cruise but I can't stay overnight.

No problem! The cruise will end within 2.5 hours of the starting location so this makes for a perfect day trip.

Where is the secret location?

Well…that’s a secret!

The secret location destination will be announced in the morning at the Coffee Show n’ Shine. 

Can pets come?

Yes, we love pets!

Can kids come?

Yes, but please keep them supervised.

I don't have 4WD. Will I be able to do the trail section?

Yes, we will be choosing a 2WD acessible route for the cruise. 

How can I register for a future TouRig event?

Follow us on Instagram or check back on our Events page. Registration will open 2 weeks prior to the event. 

Got a question about the event? Email

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